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The Silver Swan reviewed by Neville Cohn

New I Voci Singers

The White Swan is a collection of choral miniatures, mainly a capella, sung with the sort of understanding that instantly identifies The New I Voci Singers as a vocal ensemble to be reckoned with. In a variety of styles, in each of which the group sounds entirely at home, this impeccably trained small ensemble responds to direction in a way that many a lesser choral director than the indefatigable and meticulous John Christmass would give eye-teeth to experience. Listen to Dowland’s “Come again!”; it pulsates with vitality and glows with golden sound which makes this frequently performed piece sound fresh and newly minted. Thomas Morley’s “Sing we and chant it” has a splendidly light-toned , buoyant quality, and ceaseless vigilance as to quality of harmonic tissue, which is one of the most crucial yet too-often neglected requirements for fine choral singing. Sound engineer Karl Akers has made the most of Perth Concert Hall’s excellent acoustics.