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The Idea of North

An Anthology

ABC Jazz 470 4196

reviewed by Helga Sand


In 1997, a vocal quartet calling itself Idea of North recorded an album – its first –   intending it as a souvenir of a brief musical association. There was no thought of maintaining the ensemble in the long term. But fate – and very real ability – decreed otherwise and Idea of North’s singing, seventeen years on, is as fresh and frankly delightful as it has ever been.


image002Seventeen tracks are taken from earlier albums – and two new pieces demonstrate unequivocally that Idea of North is still sparking on all plugs. Although Idea of North would have sung these miniatures over and over again, there’s no sign whatever of familiarity breeding indifference. These delightful offerings, redolent of fastidious preparation, are just the thing to wind down to after a terrible day at the office.


In fact it WAS a terrible day: an extended electricity failure resulting in blank PC screens – and rising humidity with non-functioning air conditioners. But back home, Idea of North came to the rescue, its often-lulling, gently laid back singing far more preferable to winding down than resorting to any pill.


True, Idea of North is habit forming – but hey! This is an addiction highly recommended


Big Yellow Taxi swings delightfully. Embraceable You’s crystal clear diction and

immaculate harmonising make this a highlight.iscrystal clear diction toe-tapping, swinging delight. Ensemble is never less than precise, especially ion Sailor’s Lament.


It might as well be Spring with discreet, meaningful contributions on guitar, drums double bass and piano is tailor-made for satisfying listening.