George Perris with Prague Symphony Orchestra

DECCA 3793248

reviewed by Helga Sand

This recording is a delight, not least for absolute clarity of diction and phrasing that seduces the ear. What a pleasure to listen to a vocalist who sings as if the words really mean something – and that is certainly not to be taken for granted when one considers the muddy mumblings and near-incomprehensible verbalising that too frequently pass for diction these days.

In this crucially important sense, Perris is in the same league as Frank Sinatra. Listen to the absolute clarity of Sinatra’s diction in any of the records he released in the 1950s; it’s immaculate.

So, too, is Perris’.

George Perris

George Perris

A remarkable, velvet voice seduces the ear in songs that are in the best sense listenable with Perris shaping to the demands of whatever he offers like fine wine to a goblet.

Compared to the crass, gross utterances that too often these days passes for singing, Perris’ offerings are a joy. It’s just the thing to unwind to after a terrible day at the office. It sure is a safer and better bet than popping a tranquiliser pill or two.

In 12 of the 14 tracks, Perris has the benefit of top notch backing by the Prague Symphony Orchestra conducted by Adam Klemens – and having the words of all the songs in the liner notes booklet is an added pleasure.

Proceeds from the sale of this CD go to the Horatio Alger Association which does important work assisting students in pursuit of higher education. It has distributed one hundred million dollars over thirty years to students in the USA and Canada.

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